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Local Communities

   Local Communities

Advertising in a Dadsnet Local Community is simple, effective and affordable.

Local Dadsnet communities range from 100 members to 1500 members, but crucially, all eligible communities have over an 80% engagement rate.

These local groups are a hub for the community.

All communities have an Announcements section, which contains important notices and information, as well as adverts from businesses like yours serving your local area. When a post is marked as an announcement, it moves into the announcement section and each user will see it at the top of the group.

Your advert post will be posted on the group from ‘Dadsnet’, which ensures trust and visibility.

As well as getting organic distribution in the newsfeed of members, it is marked as an announcement, and unread announcements are shown in full at the top of the group.

Your post will stay in the announcement section for a minimum of 2 weeks, alongside a maximum of 9 other community notices and adverts.

Price Bracket

(excluding VAT)

100 – 500 members£40
501 – 1500 members£50
1500+ members£60

Book and pay for your ad in a Dadsnet local community today!

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How to get the most out of your ad on a Dadsnet Local Community Group

The creative concept of your ad will help you make the most of it, and we are happy to help with that, just ask! In the meantime, here are our top tips for creating an announcement post.

  • In the group, members see unread (new) announcements first and then it cycles through them equally – so make yours stand out, most members will see it several times over the course of its life, so make it memorable!
  • Discounts and special offers work especially well!
  • People are on Facebook when they see the post – don’t make it too hard for them to contact you or find out more. Linking to a Facebook page, or linking to send a Facebook message to your page is very effective.
  • You can provide many formats for your ad, videos, photos, weblinks, images with text in like posters, polls – if you can make a Facebook post with it, you can use it for your advert. 
  • When your announcement is first posted, as well as going to the first position on the group, it will also get organic distribution on newsfeed. If you’re a dad, and in the group itself, make the most of this and boost engagement by replying to comments and sharing the post with friends.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch via email: